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Heritage and Historic Castle

A Roman road
A 'foot of the hill on which stands the castle passed a famous street, commonly called the curnarin.
This road was called also in the memories of the old direction, confirming the importance attributed to it.
It is also called val dla mort, because in this valley would occur in ancient times a great battle, with many deaths, as confirmed by the remains unearthed during several excavations in the area.
This road, starting from Asti, crossed the Tanaro on a pontoon bridge, ran between the hills of S.Marzanotto and Azzano, then embarked on the valley between S. Marzanotto and Mongardino, continued under Belangero, and reached the Valley continued Tiglione tending directly to Vada Sabazia at Savona in Liguria.
As a little past the Belangero Castle, is a place called cabanon, which should be the corruption of the Latin caupona, typically deployed tavern on the Roman roads.
At the roadside you were later also found some Roman tombs.
Since the 1500s documents the way the three trade fairs under Belangero is also indicated so called because in ancient centuries were held three fairs or markets a year for the convenience of settlers and neighboring inhabitants and in the interest of the lord himself.
Perhaps one of the reasons why King Berenger chose this location in order to build his own castle was the proximity of a Roman road, considerable benefit to those times.

La Cascina del Castello Località Bellangero Fraz. San Marzanotto Asti
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