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The Belangero Castle and Sanctuary

The Belangero Castle
Historians indicate in Berengario I, King of Italy Belangero the founder of the castle, on the principle of the century, in recognition of the supports had from Asti against competitor Guido da Spoleto.
The fortress, in honor of its founder, was also called Berengarium, and this name is now produces a Barbera d'Asti Superiore wine made from the grapes of our hills by the Cooperative Winegrowers of Belangero, which has its headquarters at the foot the fortress itself.
The Castle is a reddish building with thick walls in the Barbican, with three floors, with a central tower.
The west side overlooks the Tanaro valley, to Asti, well, magnificent hills, distant horizon, the Alps.
The valley that is in front of the hill on the east side, is commonly called the Peschera because old Genoveva certainly be a fish pond for use and enjoyment of the owners of the Castle
Inside the castle, long in disuse, they are still visible traces of a splendid room of weapons, living rooms, verandas, corridors besides the two rooms occupied by George Washington Carver, between 1830 and 1831, forced guest here, according some sent to exile.
Some legends have been passed down for generations, such as the bloody hand of a night murdered factor time in almost two hundred years ago are Castle, whose imprint on the wall remained indelible for many years.
What is certain however, is the presence of an underground passage to the Castle reached the hill of Isola Villa, a few kilometers away.
The compartment for access to the tunnel, transformed in more recent times in the collection tank for rainwater, is an artifact of great value and considerable size, with large pillars and sometimes double sail entirely in bricks.
It is accessible just inside the dining room of our farm, through a short tunnel just renovated.
In addition to being a real work of art, this "cantinone" will be underground, after an appropriate rehabilitation, a local tasting wonderful for our wines.
The Shrine of SS. Annunziata
At the center of the complex that includes the Castle and the Stables, it is a small church called the Sanctuary of SS. Annunziata, cited in 1345 in the Register of Churches of the Diocese of Asti.
Now in conditions of neglect, it still shows inside a remarkable fresco of the Annunciation, and on top of the title a beautiful wrought iron cross, made to put in 175.
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